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Information for Massage Clients

What to Expect

Unlike the healthcare professional who jumps between a couple of patients at the same time, running from one room to the next, you will recieve my undivided attention for the entire massage session ( ... for some, this alone is worth the price of admission). I will listen to what you have to say and share my knowledge with you.

A typical massage session lasts 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the state of the client's soft tissue, the physical size of the person and their particular history and needs. The initial visit is usually a bit longer than subsequent ones, as we get acquainted with the client's history and any current issues that require attention. To save time, clients may download a history form from this web-site and complete it before arriving for the appointment .

At this point I will usually do a postural examination which provides us with very valuable information that can help identify sources of pain and soft tissue overload. I may demonstrate / teach movement excercises or flexibility exercises that can be performed by the client as homework to address particular needs. The hands-on massage work follows...

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Client Responsibilities

  • The client is expected to arrive at the time the massage apointment has been scheduled. Please do not arrive before the scheduled time. I will sometimes be working with someone just before your appointment and I need the time in between to take care of preparation.
  • If possible, the client is asked to shower before coming for a massage.
  • Payment may be made by Cash or Check ( include address and phone number on checks)

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Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a scheduled appointment, you must do so 24hrs in advance. Otherwise payment for the scheduled appointment is required.

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Office Visit   Home Visit*/Outcall/Seated Massage
$80/hour   $100/hour
$100/hour and 1/4   $120/hour and 1/4
$120/ hour and 1/2   $140/ hour and 1/2

*Within fifteen minutes of travel time. Pricing will vary slightly to accommodate distance and travel time.

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Gift Certificates

Click to download our gift certificate online.

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Office Hours

I am available to see clients Monday through Friday, by appointment. Currently, 9:30am is my earliest appointment and 6:30 is my latest start. I try to accommodate the needs of my clients as much as possible.

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Client Forms

I have a "Confidential Case History" form that I maintain for all of my clients. It would be helpful if you bring the completed form with you. Please download the form (2 pages, 76k pdf format), and thank you!

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Educational Info. / Articles

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