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Types of Massage

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT): A type of massage characterized by a very thorough and specific examination and treatment of soft tissues of the body. This technique is based on the interplay between the nervous system and the muscular system. Important principles considered in NMT are: Ischemia, Trigger Points, Nerve Entrapment /Compression, Postural Distortion and Disfunctional Biomechanics. Neuromuscular Therapy is a very effective technique to address soft tissue pain and disfunction.

Sports Massage Therapy: A type of massage therapy which is concerned with optimizing the performance of the body. Sports Massage techniques are geared towards increasing circulation, reducing restrictions to movement and insuring optimum scar tissue formation in the event of an injury. Although usually applied to athletes, sports massage is equally beneficial to the "civilian" population. Utilizing Sports Massage can help ensure that one is better prepared to take on the garden ... or the marathon!

Swedish Massage / Stress Reduction: A type of massage therapy that is characterized by movements such as stroking, kneading, shaking and tapping applied superficially to the body in a general manner. This is the type of massage that can take you to " La La land" --- a favorite of many people, and a welcome occasional treat for those addressing more significant issues using deeper specific techniques.

In additon to the above, I incorporate aspects of many different types of bodywork and manual therapies that I have studied over the years in my work. Among these influences are: Russian Massage, Prenatal Massage, Tragger Work, Myofascial Release, Hanna Somatics Movement Integration, Connective Tissue Massage, and Active Isolated Stretching .

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Office Visits

I see most of my clients at my massage office in Chevy Chase, D.C., conveniently located at the intersection of Military Road and Connecticut Avenue just blocks from the Friendship Heights Metro station.

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Home Visits

For an additional charge, I will travel to your home for a home visit. Leave the driving to me, while you relax in the comfort of you own home with the knowledge that you don't have to go anywhere after your massage is done! I bring a portable massage table which is set up in a place that provides enough room to work and an environment that is comfortable for the massage client.

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Seated Office Massage

I also offer seated massage at your work place. I bring a portable massage chair to your office where I can provide stress reducing seated massage sessions to you and your staff. Unlike table massage, Seated Office Massage is performed with the client fully clothed utilizing techniques that can be applied through the clothing This service can be offered by your company to members of your staff as a special treat after a crazed effort to meet an impossible deadline, or as a regular program to promote wellness and increase productivity among your staff.

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